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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T1900398-v1 Analysis of correlations between non-stationary noise and auxiliary channels in LIGO Luca D'Onofrio et al. Commissioning
Detector Characterization
01 Mar 2020
T1900409-v5 Instrument Science White Paper 2019 Brian Lantz et al. Detector
Basic R&D
06 Nov 2019
T1600064-v2 ISS second loop requirements Gabriele Vajente et al. Input Optics
Preliminary Design
Laser Systems
09 Jan 2019
T1600486-x0 The Coating RIng-down MEasurement system (CRiMe) Document Tree Eric Gustafson et al. Basic R&D
29 Aug 2018
G1800874-v2 Machine Learning and Controls in GW detectors Gabriele Vajente Sensing and Control
Basic R&D
15 May 2018
G1800920-v4 Overview of coating thermal noise Gabriele Vajente Basic R&D
Core Optics
15 May 2018
P1500260-v15 The Sensitivity of the Advanced LIGO Detectors at the Beginning of Gravitational Wave Astronomy Denis Martynov et al. Commissioning
10 Feb 2018
T1700275-v5 Final Report: Optimization of the Coating Ringdown Measurement Laboratory electrostatic actuator with finite element modeling Zachary Rose et al. Detector
21 Sep 2017
G1701405-v1 Introduction to GW detectors Gabriele Vajente et al. Education, Outreach
27 Jul 2017
G1701153-v1 Introduction to GW detectors Gabriele Vajente Detector
Education, Outreach
26 Jul 2017
T1600324-v1 Micromechanical Investigations on Crackling Noise Riccardo Maggiore et al. Basic R&D
11 Jan 2017
T1600382-v2 Acoustic Emissions in Metals Danielle Frostig et al. Suspensions
01 Jan 2017
D1600189-v2 75 MM DISK (3" substrate) FOR Q MEASUREMENT Gabriele Vajente Basic R&D
14 Nov 2016
T1500228-v1 Sensing and control of suspended optic breadboard in Crackle2 experiment SaiKanth Dacha et al. Basic R&D
22 Nov 2015
G1500698-v1 Summary of Controls Sessions (GWADW 2015) Dennis Coyne et al. System Engineering
01 Jun 2015
P1400105-v5 Achieving Resonance in the Advanced LIGO Gravitational-Wave Interferometer Alexa N Staley et al. Sensing and Control
Basic R&D
05 Mar 2015
T1400511-v1 An Optical Setup for Crackle Noise Detection Carell Hamil et al. Basic R&D
16 Feb 2015
T1400509-v1 Optimization of Michelson Interferometer Signals in Crackle Noise Detection Horng Chia et al. Basic R&D
08 Nov 2014
T1400672-x0 Report from the Commissioning Workshop on Suspensions at Virgo Jeffrey Kissel et al. Seismic Isolation
Basic R&D
21 Oct 2014
G1400913-v1 Optimization of Michelson Interferometer Signals in Crackle Noise Detection Horng Chia et al. Public Talk / Colloquium
31 Aug 2014
G1400906-v1 An Optical Setup for Crackle Noise Detection Carell Hamil et al. Detector
19 Aug 2014
G1300050-v3 Output Mode Cleaners Keita Kawabe et al. Commissioning
28 Jan 2013
G1200659-v1 Advanced Virgo: High power operations Thermal aberrations, figure errors and compensations Gabriele Vajente Detector
04 Jun 2012
G080211-x0 Virgo Control Noise Reduction - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting @ Caltech, March 17-20, 2008 Gabriele Vajente Document Migration
04 Apr 2008
G070565-x0 Virgo Commissioning UPdate - LIGO/Virgo Collaborations Meeting, July 23-26, 2007, MIT Gabriele Vajente Document Migration
27 Sep 2007

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