LIGO Document C1000181-v4

SOW for Machined Internal and External Vacuum Pod parts

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C - Contractual or procurement
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23 Feb 2010, 09:01
SOW for Machined Internal and External Vacuum Pod parts-- These parts are internal to the Vacuum Pods or attach the vacuum pods to the BSC ISI. This SOW includes parts for L4C, Trillium and GS-13 Pods. It does NOT include the seismometers, catalog parts or the seismometers themselves.
Notes and Changes:
This rev -v4 takes into account next rev drawings for: D0901819-v2, D0902546-v2, D0902548-v3, D0900651-v2, 0902801-v2, D047824-v5.

This -v4 SOW is posted after the contract of this procurement but before any machining of parts.

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