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SOW-aLIGO Oplev Pylon Weldments and Machined Parts

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C - Contractual or procurement
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01 Dec 2010, 09:23
01 Oct 2010, 10:51
Statement of Work for procurement of the full set of aLIGO Optical Lever pier weldments and mechanical parts.
Notes and Changes:
Temporary files for meeting with team for clarifying redlines received from visit to vendor(Aeroshear)

Remember to add note that it is okay to make main section Giarafe from more than one piece

All welds on production weldments must meet requirements for Class C in table V of Mil-Std-2219
verified by visual inspection.

D1002207 - Update to have new holes (needs to be added to DCN)

D1002207 (sheet 10) - price only

D1002207 (sheet) 1 off added to SOW table 1

12/21/10 Removed Line 14 Table 2 D1000836 (duplicate line). Removed Table 2 Line 12 (not needed -included in weldments)Changed line 10 Table 2 qty was 1,5,5. Now qty 3,6,5. Changed ship dates to Caltech to 2/15/11. Fixed links for D1000426 and D1000428.

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