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HAM ISI Outer Wall, Horiz GS-13

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D - Drawings
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Large outer wall for Stage 1, HAM ISI. Covers both GS-13s, as well as Horizontal Actuator and Horizontal Position Sensor.
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Release for Advanced LIGO procurement.

Changes from Enhanced LIGO version include:
1. Merged and increased size of 2x windows on right side, for better access to Horizontal Actuator and Horizontal Sensor.
2. Changed "X" pattern of 1/4"-20 Heli-Coils to regular tapped holes.
3. Added/modified c'sinks on various holes.
4. Added 1/4"-20 Heli-Coils for bolting on new Cover plate.
5. Added vent grooves, for back side of some of the new 1/4"-20 Heli-Coils.

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