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aLIGO TCS .5'' Thick Optical Window

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D - Drawings
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Diameter: 3.000'', (+/-0.010)
Clear Aperture: 2.75''
Thickness: 0.500'' +/-0.010
Wedge: 3min. +/- 2min
Wavefront distortion across any 20 mm
diameter within the clear aperture: 1/10 Lambda @ 633 nm wavelength
Edge chamfer: 0.010'' @ 45 deg +/-10deg
Surface Quality: 10-5 laser quality
Material: Optical grade "A" fused silica(Hereaus Infrasil 301-A, Herasil 1-A, Suprasil 311-A, or Suprasil 312-A)
aLIGO TCS Viewports Laser
Notes and Changes:
-v1 is the design that is competitively bid for production
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