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Dual DSUB Breakout Panel

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D - Drawings
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A dual patch panel providing four LEMO and four isolated TNC connections from each single 9-pin DSUB connector.
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Wires cut to following lengths from DSUB pins to TNC connector:

Pins #1 & #6 (yellow, black) - 3.75"
Pins #2 & #7 (orange, black) - 5.0"
Pins #3 & #8 (red, black) - 5.875"
Pins #4 & #9 (blue, black) - 6.75"

All wires from TNC to Lemo connectors are cut to 2.5"

TNC connector is Pasternack part number PE4306
Lemo connector is Digikey part number 1124-1036-ND

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