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Annular End Reaction Mass (AERM)

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D - Drawings
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15 Oct 2015, 13:43
18 Sep 2015, 10:52
Redesigned End Reaction Mass (ERM) with Dia. 200 mm hole in center
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Notes on changes to current version:
-F/D: Updated registration marking note in multiple locations.
-Zone B/5: Added wedge requirements.
-Zone B/7: Thickness tolerance +/-.05
-Zone C/4: Added detail 'D'
-Drawing title was: E&D, End reaction mass (ERM)
-Updated note no. 4, was: .....incremental staring with "01"

Mod for next rev:
-Zone F/5: Center void diameter 222.5 0.25 mm with similar Cyl. & Perp. as OD (340mm)
Explicitly call out the known density of SF2 glass - note the final mass is the critical metric.

Released for comment (not production)

Gold coating specification E0900138
ESD coating pattern D090949
Barrel coating pattern D090958

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