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aLIGO ISS Outer Loop Back Board

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29 Nov 2017, 14:39
23 Sep 2016, 10:51
This is the board with the servo electronics, and signal conditioning in the ISS Outer Loop Servo Chassis
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- Connect feedback of open OpAmp U2B to negative input and ground the positive input.
- Increase the gain of the sum by increasing R32 to 10K (from 1K).
- Swapped the corresponding OpAmp U3 from OP27 to OP37.
- Decrease the gain by 10 in the readback of ERR2 after the sum by changing R62 in the SUM signal block from 4.53K to 45.3K.
- Decreased the analog excitation input gain by 10 by increasing R33 to 100K (from 10K).
- Decreased the digitla excitation input gain by 10 by increasing R77 to 100K (from 10K).
- Switch error signal Err1Mon readback to before servo loop switch.
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