LIGO Document E1000699-v6

aLIGO TCS Ring Heater Parent UHV Cable Assembly Formal Drawing Tree & BOM

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This document pertains to the parent cable assembly, D1001517, serving BOTH the upper and lower ring heater segment assemblies.

The top-level interface is to be integrated, in-vacuum, to the SEI cable that is routed through the upper quad structure.

The low-level interface is to be integrated by the TCS team with each of the ring heater assemblies (D1001838-v2 and D1001895-v2).

Notes and Changes:
-v6 incorporates DCN E1200893 with accurate updates to the as-built SUS (RAL) boxframe, posted 10-Oct-2012 by Bobby Moore. These nutplates and washer plates are for use in aLIGO TCS with cable sub-assembly D1001521 and mating with part D1001756.
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