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aLIGO HAM-ISI, Pre-integration Test Report, Phase II, LLO HAM 5

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This document presents the tests performed to characterize and validate the HAM-ISI Unit # 5 built at LLO. This unit was built in July 2011, tested but had a LZMP issue, retested in September 2011 when it was approved, then kept in a storage container with weekly dry Nitrogen purge until July 2012.
This was the 5th and final unit pulled out from storage for installation at Livingston, to be installed in HAM 5 chamber. Horizontal seismometers and in-vacuum cables were installed. Also, the Capacitive Position Sensors cables were shielded.
Only a few minor issues were found during testing of this ISI:
- Slightly different response of the V2 GS-13 (in comparison to V1 and V3) between 0.8 and 1.1 Hz. This appears to be explained by the different sensors responses.
A number of mechanical tests (and adjustments) were waived at the time of side-chamber testing, leaving this for in-chamber initial testing:
- Level of the optical table
- Spring flatness measurements
- Actuator gaps
- Manual range of motion
This HAM-ISI was installed inside HAM 5 on July 20th 2012. It got connected and balanced quickly but did not get tested until the week of August 5th 2012. The chamber was finally closed on August 16th.
All tests were easily passed on this ISI after the installation in chamber. We omitted to do the tilt test, but all sensors appear fine. Additionally, the manual range of motion test and actuator gaps check were not redone. The chamber was closed on August 15th 2012. Subsequently, additional transfer functions were taken, which all confirmed good working conditions of the ISI.
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Added initial in chamber tests

See third attachment below for confirmation that LZMP issue was resolved in Sept 2011 -- found .fig buried in ${SeiSVN}/seismic/HAM-ISI/X2/Data/Unit_5/Figures/Transfer_Functions/Measurements/Undamped/, but no aLOG or post in either Phase 1 or Phase 2 documents (JSK Oct 2014)

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