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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for WHAM4

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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for WHAM4
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Notes from v4:
1) Added Marty Levine's comments that were not resolved to the punchlist (E1400459). Note his comments are included in V3 under Other files.

2) Added ICS record for WHAM4 top level assembly.

3) Deleted LLO alog entry for baffles which referred to LHAM5.

4) Removed references to OFI, SRM and SR3 in modal testing. These are on WHAM5. Changed to SR2.

Notes on v5 (from Norna:
1) Some minor editing (incl. WHAM5 corrected to WHAM4 in section 3,LLO corrected to LHO in section 3).
2) Section 2, page 2: corrected name of alignment procedure to E1200954 (link was correct)
3) Section 4, first entry - corrected assembly DCC number.

Notes on v6 (BO'R)

Added several links to alogs detailing HWS alignment and testing.
Added comment that in-vacuum lens for HWS-y is incorrect. This item was added to the punchlist.

Notes on v7 (S Aston)
Section 5 (Testing)
- Added link to LHO aLOG entry (12089) for SR2 B&K measurements
- Removed punchlist link for mistaken B&K measurements for AOC/SLC baffles

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