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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for WBSC10 (Y)

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E - Engineering documents
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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for WBSC10.
Notes and Changes:
WBSC10_acceptance_notes_2015-01-30 (S.Aston)

v1 is first draft by Norna, using LLO equivalent document E1400082 as a template. Items in red need addressed. This includes Bug list.

v2 changes (18 Dec 2014). These are based on updates which Stuart made in v2 version of E1400463 (WBSC9) and comments provided by Marty Levine (see his redlined comments under Other Files above.

Section 1:
a) Electronics rack designations with DCC links added for SUS, ISC, and TCS. SEI rack designation missing.
b) Links added to drawings for the cryo-pump baffle, optical lever and photon calibrator, and ISCTEY table. Link to drawing showing position of ground seismometer at end Y added.
Section 2 :
a) Removed mention of B and K hammering (it appears under testing).
b) Removed one of alog links to ACB install and made clearer the other link notes the installation has taken place.
c) Added Oplev install alog. Could not track down alignment alog.
Section 3:
a) Added ( repeated) the electronic rack designations here (Rich As suggestion) and added rack layout links and SEI wiring schematic.
SEI rack designation missing.
b) Updated note with respect to PCal pier assembly.
Section 5
a) Changed viewport link to more suitable document. However the document needs updating.
b) Ring heater testing. Contacted Aidan this is now on his to-do list.
c) Added links to alogs on ESD testing in vacuum and added link to general ESD documentation page.
Section 7.
Removed the LLO list that was here and replaced it with the appropriate link to the WBSC10 issue tracker (at bug 986).

v3 changes (22 Dec 2014) - added in SEI electronics rack info in sections 1 and 3.

v4 changes (30 Jan 2015) S. Aston
- replaced LBSC4 with WBSC10 in introduction to section 1.
- added links to further ETMY OpLev entries in section 2.
- removed statement "This is called TX but probably correct for Y as well " since doc certainly contains both in section 3.
- added link to HEPI ICS record in section 4.
- added TCS acceptance testing doc link to section 5.
- added AOS/ACB baffle photodiodes tested operable link to section 5.
- added AOS/CMB added link to LLO cryobaffle aLOG entry in section 5.

Change list from E1400464-v4 to v5

Section 5 (Testing)
- Added note to AOS/CMB B&K testing stating that links are to equivalent LLO measurements, but no LHO measurements have been found.

Section 6 (Installation Completeness)
- Amended note to state that all items are installed.
- Removed note regarding ICS completeness.

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