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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for LHO Vacuum Equipment

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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for LHO Vacuum Equipment.
Notes and Changes:
Notes on v2: In response to BOR's comments, I (ML) made the following changes between V1 and V2 versions of this document:

1) 'Seems to be a lot of missing alogs. Some of the referred ones are
specific to H2, not H1. I would have expected alogs for the BSC moves
etc. at the X arm. Some closeouts, septum plate installs etc.'

Searched for alogs associated with H2 BSC5 move-to-end-station, and H1 HAM1/6 septum installations. Found alog noting time frame of BSC5 move (alog #1780).

2. 'E1000708 contains 'TBD' heights. Are they recorded somewhere? (LLO doc has same issue).'
ACTION: adding this to PUNCHLIST

3. 'The Scott McCormick reference at the beginning of Section 7 should be

4.) 'integration issues: add: 81, 761, 846, 941 and 949. Either in document or in a tracker.'
Added directly in document.

Changes in v3 (Norna)
Section 7: Updated info on bug list - corrected titles and updated the status. Removed repeated link in section 2 vacuum modifications.

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