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Initial Inspection of PMC Bench #10 at CIT Sept 2016

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Initial Inspection of PMC Bench #10 at CIT Sept 2016.

Note from T1000430-v2 that glue was EP30-2 not TRA-Bond 2101 as called out in D1001955-v1.

PMC /// Average Loss /Mirror, ppm (each mea.) // Comments
PMC-08 50.2 3.9 (43.0, 55.2, 40.6, 56.2, 61.8, 44.2) Swapped out at LLO, faulty PZT (original L1 unit)
PMC-09 46.1 3.4 ( 55.4, 52.4, 52.5, 48.0, 41.2, 32.6, 40.3) 3rd interferometer unit
PMC-10 1375 51 (1414, 1422, 1290) Swapped out at LLO, extra loss. (original H1 spare)
PMC-11 4169 57 (4212, 4126) 3rd interferometer unit, shipped to LLO for O1 spare, then back to LHO.

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The mirror with the PZT is the one shown in the movie (location highlighted in 1 through 12s on movie). From that point on the movie shows the inward facing side of optic (when on assembled PMC). The movie (after 13s) was taken after the optic was removed with heat and help. It starts at the edge and one can clearly see the ring from the PZT and a "coating" or "film" covering most of the face of the optic.

This mirror came off within 5 minutes - heated with the equivalent of a blow dryer, which one can hold hand 4 in front of. GB encouraged the release using a screwdriver and a hammer at the PZT/Mirror interface. GB & CT.

Dark Field microscope Inspection of one "tank" mirror shows typical contamination (particulate) but not the haze seen on the inside of the PMC cavity mirrors. - GB

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