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Relativity The Fun Stuff

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Relativity The Fun Stuff (With Math)

Time Dilation, E=mc2, Black Holes, GWs and More ...

The talk has slides I have used to explain relativity to advanced undergrads and beginning graduate students.

Included are embedding diagrams (including animated gifs) showing the Schwarzschild wormhole. I join the BH exterior to the wormhole by using Eddington Finkelstein coordinates to go through the horizon and then connect this to the Schwarzschild cylinder wormhole inside. I also evolve radial geodesic equations and show a spaceship entering the wormhole and becoming part of the singularity.

Various derivations of E=mc2 (including Einstein's) are also given.

Also included is an animate gif showng GWs, and a slide showing an interferometer's response to GWs.

And there is one brief slide on the Big Bang, to complete the tour of "all the fun stuff".

The animated gifs and .png files were generated using Matlab and Gimp. Inside the talk, some illustrations were generated using MS PowerPoint. Some illustrations were taken from the Wikipedia and are under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.

The PowerPoint/pdf talk includes the use of these, and provides some notes and explanations. The hope is this is all useful to others giving talks.

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