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Frequency Domain Binary Black Hole Gravitational Waveforms with Higher Multipoles

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09 Jul 2017, 12:48
This talk discusses a general method for estimating contributions to gravitational-wave signals from non-precessing black hole binaries beyond the leading quadrupole order. The method is based on the stationary phase approximation, and it uses the Kerr quasi-normal mode spectrum and phenomenological observations in order to extend known relationships between gravitational multipoles. This method is applied to an existing leading quadrupole order frequency-domain waveform model tuned to Numerical Relativity (known as PhenomD) in order to yield a higher multipole inspiral-merger-ringdown gravitational-wave model. I analyze the performance of this model in terms of mismatches against numerical simulations of binary black hole mergers, and I illustrate examples of its use in parameter estimation.
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Amaldi 12 held on 09 Jul 2017 in Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, CA

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