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Calibration Improvements in Advanced LIGO’s Second Observing Run

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In the new era of gravitational wave astronomy, one of our primary goals is to measure source parameters and draw astrophysical inferences from observed signals. To do this effectively, we require an accurate calibrated estimate of the gravitational wave strain from our detectors. In this talk, I report on frequency-dependent improvements to the uncertainty in Advanced LIGO’s strain data during its second observing run. I will also discuss improvements to our real-time calibration scheme, which include tracking and correcting for time-dependent changes in each detector. Finally, I will summarize the effect that all this has on astrophysics and parameter estimation.
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Notes and Changes:
* moved run schedule earlier, to slide 4 (flows better here)
* on slide 6: changed timeseries plots to timeseries plus Q-scans. I think this will better show the importance of frequency-dependent uncertainty.
* slide 16: minor rephrasing of "much harder to track and compensate for" to "much harder to compensate for" (thanks Alan!)
* slide 18: added shameless plugs for Craig and Shreya

other changes:
* added an extra slide showing raw timeseries readout around the time of GW150914, in case anyone asks what the raw data look like in the time domain

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Amaldi 12 held on 09 Jul 2017 in Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, CA

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