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Potential of Gravity Spy Glitches to be used as Vetoes, and Improve the Gravitational Wave Background of LIGO’s Hanford Observatory

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The objective of this research is to ascertain the benefit (or lack there of) of using Gravity Spy glitch classifications as vetoes to improve the gravitational wave background of LIGO’s interferometer data, by using the Veto Evaluation Tool (VET) to analyze these glitch classifications from the Second Observation Run (“O2”, November 5, 2016-August 26, 2017) in the LIGO Hanford data. Improving the gravitational wave background (GWB) would increase the confidence in any potential gravitational wave detection by the LIGO Collaboration, as the GWB is a build up of glitches and other noise sources that interfere with data analysis methods. Gravitational wave detections provide invaluable information concerning the cosmic source of the wave, Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and the gravitational force itself.
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