LIGO Document M1500262-v3

Procurement Workflow for Detector Improvements (DI)

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M - Management or Policy
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This document defines the procurement workflow for Detector Upgrades (aka enhancements, improvements, updates). This is for work charged to funds held in the two observatory upgrade accounts (2.8.6 and 3.8.6).

The workflow defines
1) the technical review process,
2) how to get approvals (Systems and OMT) prior to requesting production funding,
3) the requirement to establish a fabrication account for all observatory detector upgrade projects (to avoid indirect charges),
4) how a sub-account is to be established for each upgrade project,
4) how the expenditures and account balance for each upgrade project are to be tracked,
5) how the upgrade projects are to be managed (including roles of the project mgr and Systems engineering)
6) how the projection of all upgrade funding is to be tracked (both approved and yet to be reviewed projects), and when CCB approval is required,

Notes and Changes:
revision approved by the OMT:
- reflects how we have been operating. The OMT's role has been removed.
- refers to M1500263 (instead of M050220) for development review guidance
- minor updates to reflect revised change control procedure, M1400104-v4

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