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Using generalized PowerFlux methods to estimate the parameters of periodic gravitational waves

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We investigate methods to estimate the parameters of the gravitational-wave signal from a spinning neutron star using Fourier-transformed segments of the strain response from an interferometric detector. Estimating the parameters from the power, we find generalizations of the PowerFlux method. Using simulated elliptically polarized signals injected into Gaussian noise, we apply the generalized methods to estimate the squared amplitudes of the plus and cross polarizations (and, in the most general case, the polarization angle), and test the relative detection efficiencies of the various methods.
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- Full document number: LIGO-P070110-00-Z
- Author(s): Gregory Mendell; Karl Wette
- Document date: 2007-10-03
- Document received date: 2007-10-03
- Document entry date: 2007-10-03
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Published in Class Quant Grav vol. 25 pg. 114044 (8pp).

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