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Direct measurement of absorption-induced wavefront distortion in high optical power systems

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Wavefront distortion due to absorption in the substrates and coatings of mirrors in advanced gravitational wave interferometers has the potential to compromise the operation and sensitivity of these interferometers [Opt. Lett.29, 2635-2637 (2004)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.29.002635]. We report the first direct spatially-resolved measurement, to our knowledge, of such wavefront distortion in a high optical power cavity. The measurement was made using an ultrahigh sensitivity Hartmann wavefront sensor on a dedicated test facility. The sensitivity of the sensor was λ/730, where λ=800 nm.
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- Author(s): A. Brooks; D. Hosken; Jesper Munch; P. Veitch; Zewu Yan; C Zhao; Y. Fan; Ju Li; David Blair; Phil Willems; Bram Slagmolen
- Document date: 2008-08-18
- Document received date: 2008-08-18
- Document entry date: 2008-08-18
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Published in Appl Opt vol. 48 pg. 355-364.

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