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Gravitational Wave Detection with Advanced Ground Based Detectors

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There are great expectations for the world-wide network of gravitational wave detectors currently under construction in United States, Europe and Japan. These multi-kilometer interferometers are
seeking the first direct detection of gravitational waves and the beginning of a new era in astronomy and astrophysics in which we can listen to black holes, neutron stars and other invisible and
enigmatic inhabitants of the local universe.
Advanced detectors will be 10 times more sensitive than the initial detectors operational until 2011.
As the detection volume for a given source is proportional to the cube of the sensitivity, detection rates will increase by a factor of one thousand; tens of events per year are expected.
In this paper we give a general overview of the advanced detectors which will start producing
astrophysically interesting data in 2015, and we discuss prospects for beginning the observation of the gravitational wave Universe within this decade.
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