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[Thesis] Locking the Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector: with a focus on the Arm Length Stabilization Technique

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The Advanced LIGO gravitational wave detectors have recently achieved a new milestone. The two detector network is now operational and is being tuned for sensitivity. Currently, the state of the art detectors are the most sensitive ground-based interferometers to date and are closer than ever to the reality of a gravitational wave detection. For many years, there has been a worldwide effort to directly detect gravitational waves, a phenomena that was predicted in Einstein's theory of general relativity. A direct detection would further validate Einstein's theory, but more importantly would provide a novel approach to studying the universe and the elusive physics of gravity beyond Einstein's theory. However, none of this would be possible without the success of the arm length stabilization scheme. This recently demonstrated technique, which will be the focus of this thesis, is a critical step required to get the LIGO interferometers operational.
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