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Characterization of Advanced LIGO Core Optics

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Precision optical measurement is a core
technology contributing to the success of the
Advanced LIGO detectors [1]. The round trip
cavity loss requirement for each 4 kilometer
LIGO arm is 75 parts per million. The loss
budget based on mirror requirements is
estimated at 64 ppm. The fabrication of these
low loss cavity mirrors relies on accurate
characterization of the optics. The metrology at
the heart of this process delivered coated optics
with an average surface figure error of 0.4 nm
rms over a diameter of 160 mm and an
estimated Fabry-Perot cavity loss of 45 ppm.
The power spectral density curves for different
spatial frequency ranges are presented; these
provide insight into sources of measurement
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Proceedings American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE)
2017 Spring Topical Meeting Volume 66
pp 78-83

Full proceedings available through ASPE with membership.

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