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TMS Telescope Alignment

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T - Technical notes
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Autocollimators and a Shack-Hartmann sensor are used to align the TMS Telescope. Two alignment methods are presented: alignment by double pass retro-reflection from a curved ETMHR surrogate mirror, and double pass retro-reflection from a flat mirror. A step-by-step procedure is presented, together with actual data from the Shack-Hartmann sensor during the alignment procedure. Optical aberration theory is used to derive a relationship between the Zernike astigmatic coefficient and the Guoy phase error at the focal plane of the TMS sensing system. The ZEMAX focus parameters for an ideal off-axis parabolic telescope agree with the ABCD Gaussian beam propagation calculations.
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Added Sec. 3.3.4 Telescope Performance with Non-Gaussian Input Beams
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