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Needle samples from TMDS - Contamination

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Needle samples from TMDS - Contamination

Samples prepared for JPL.
In box #1 you will find two rows of used needles from a circular array in an ionizer. The ionizer takes 19 needles. The are laid out in 2 rows with the outer ones and the inner ones labelled. These are the needles with contaminants (white flakes down the length and discoloration at the deformed tips.)

In box #2 there are 3 small containers. The first has 2x control needles these have only seen LIGO's clean and bake i.e. they have yet to see service in an ionizer. The other 2 small containers in box #2 have needles that we have really tried hard to damage the tips. Don't do anything with these right now until you have a run on the others. I include these as they may be a useful back-up depending on what you find on the needles from box #1.

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