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Residual Gas Analyzers and the LIGO Interferometer

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A major part of the interferometer is the ultra high vacuum (UHV) system, which provides the conditions and environment required for low noise operation of the interferometer. Residual gas analyzers (RGAs) are installed at different parts of the UHV in order to monitor the type and quality of the various molecules and atoms present in the system. Proper calibration of the RGA is essential for a number of reasons. The three main ones are; reduce residual gas noise, prevent contamination from hydrocarbons that coat the optics of the interferometer, detect leaks from venting and general leak detection. There have been a total of two detections as of today; thus, even more sensitive equipment is sought after to acquired better data sets. In order to reach design sensitivity, we will need to carefully measure and understand the impact of residual gas on the sensitivity of the detector. The process for preparing an RGA for installation, the initial scans and the process by which the results are calibrated will be described.
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