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Recording from OpenLVEM telecon on June 20, 2019

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Recording of OpenLVEM call. (The first 5 minutes or so are mostly silent as we waited for people to join.)
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07:04:24 From Patrick Brady : The agenda is at
07:04:26 From Antonella Palmese : Presenters can share the screen on zoom if they like!
07:08:58 From bellido : Has the FAR threshold for public alerts changed since June 1st?
07:09:16 From edoberger : Question about slide 5: what are the duty cycle statistics specifically for H1+L1 rather than any 2-detector combination?
07:09:52 From bellido : 8 events in May (30 days) is not consistent with 1 event in June (20 days) under Poisson statistics…
07:13:14 From bellido : What is the expected sensitivity of KAGRA on run O3
07:15:02 From mandeep gill : On Kagra- that’s pretty excellent to hear how far they’ve gotten, is there some estimate of how much of the system the DRMI is testing?
07:15:14 From mandeep gill : (me = Mandeep from Stanford)
07:27:00 From Shreya Anand : Hi Shaon, thanks for the nice presentation. Could you please give an update on plans to improve the latency of the updated LALInference skymaps?
07:27:08 From Shreya Anand : (Shreya Anand - Caltech)
07:27:34 From Edo Berger : Any update on LVC paper plan for S190425z specifically, and the general catalog paper?
07:31:39 From Francesco Verrecchia : Dear All, thanks a lot. Which GRB triggers are exchanged and is it possible to get in, inserting other triggers? Thanks
07:33:10 From Shaon Ghosh : Fermi and Swift
07:33:15 From kats : (+SNEWS)
07:34:01 From Francesco Verrecchia : Ok, thanks a lot
07:34:16 From Erik Blaufuss- IceCube : agreed! Zoom is much better
07:35:01 From kkawabe : bye
07:35:39 From Leo Singer :
07:36:03 From Patrick Brady :
07:39:18 From Kunal Mooley : thanks, bye!

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