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Segments used for creating standard SFTs in O3 data

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T - Technical notes
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GPS start and stop times of segments used for creation of standard set of Short Fourier Transforms from O3 data. These segments use analysis ready C01 data minus CAT1 vetoes. The files are created for O3a and O3b separately. Segment files can be used as input to SFT-generation algorithms, e.g., lalpulsar_MakeSFTDAG. [1]

Subsequent gating [2] of the data produced some intervals with excessively long deadtime (gating longer than 30 seconds), which was also removed. This yields a different set of segments (see the "_ShortGates" files. If SFTs longer than 1800s are produced, it is advisable to remove SFTs with deadtime commensurate with 30/1800--e.g., for 7200 s SFTs, remove those with deadtime 2 minutes or longer. Important note: for a 5 day period (April 20-25, 2019) at L1, there as an automated DSLR camera triggering every 2 minutes, resulting in noise contamination. This interval should be removed but the segments remain as part of the file, so proceed with this awareness!


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