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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P960044-x0 Optics Development for LIGO GariLynn Billingsley et al. Document Migration
30 Dec 2021
G960272-x0 Core Optics Status: REO Coating Performance Analysis - Science & Integration Meeting, 12-13 December 1996 Doug Jungwirth Document Migration
14 Mar 2014
G920010-x0 Interferometer Description and R&D - Oversight Committee Meeting Doug Jungwirth et al. Document Migration
18 Apr 2013
G930055-x0 Optics: Large Aperture Optics, Measurements and Industrial Capability - NSF Review, 7-10 June 1993 Doug Jungwirth Document Migration
14 Aug 2002

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