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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T980068-x0 Length Sensing & Control Subsystem Final Design Detector Isc Grp et al. Sensing and Control
Final Design
14 Feb 2015
P000008-x0 Readout and Control of a Power-Recycled Interferometric Gravitational Wave Antenna Rolf Bork et al. Document Migration
09 Dec 2014
G990055-x0 Input Optics Installation - PAC6 Meeting Presentation, 20-21 May 1999 Haisheng Rong Document Migration
16 May 2014
T010002-x0 Reference Design Document for the Advanced LIGO Input Optics Jordan Camp et al. Document Migration
26 Jan 2001
G000296-x0 Characterization of LIGO Input Optics - LSC Presentation, August 2000 Haisheng Rong Document Migration
20 Sep 2000
T970145-x0 Performance of VCO/AOM Frequency Shifter Peter Fritschel et al. Document Migration
21 Apr 1998
T970228-x0 Performance of VCP/AOM Frequency Shifter Peter Fritschel et al. Document Migration
30 Jan 1998

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