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Robert Stone of Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is listed as an author on the following documents:

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P080016-x0 The LSC glitch group: monitoring noise transients during the fifth LIGO science run Robert Schofield et al. Document Migration
Public relations
22 Oct 2009
P0900054-v4 Environmentally-induced nonstationarity in LIGO science run data Robert Stone et al. Data quality / vetoes
28 Aug 2009
G080246-x0 Activities of the LSC glitch group during S5 Lindy Blackburn et al. Document Migration
11 Apr 2008
G080212-x0 Seismic Glitches in LIGO S5 Data - Preliminary Results from the Offline Analysis of NoiseFloorMon - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting @ Caltech, March 17-20, 2008 Soma Mukherjee et al. Document Migration
04 Apr 2008
G070842-x0 Analysis of nonstationarity in LIGO S5 data using the NoiseFloorMon output - GWDAW 12, Dec. 13-16 2007, MIT Robert Stone Document Migration
21 Dec 2007
G070113-x0 Enhanced NoiseFloorMon: offline analysis results - LIGO/VIRGO Scientific Collaborations Meeting, Hilton Capitol Center, Baton Rouge LA, March 19-22, 2007 Soma Mukherjee et al. Document Migration
27 Mar 2007

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