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Lisa Goggin of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P080093-v13 Search for Gravitational Wave Ringdowns from Perturbed Black Holes in LIGO S4 Data Lisa Goggin GW Bursts
10 Feb 2010
P080016-x0 The LSC glitch group: monitoring noise transients during the fifth LIGO science run Robert Schofield et al. Document Migration
Public relations
22 Oct 2009
G080273-x0 Astrophysical Black Holes Lisa Goggin Document Migration
22 Apr 2008
G080246-x0 Activities of the LSC glitch group during S5 Lindy Blackburn et al. Document Migration
11 Apr 2008
G070396-x0 Search for Black Hole Ringdown Signals in LIGO Data - 7th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves, July 8 -14 2007, Sydney Australia Lisa Goggin Document Migration
23 Jul 2007
G060460-x0 Status of the S4 Ringdown Search - LSC Meeting, August 14-17th, 2006 @ Louisiana State University Duncan Brown et al. Document Migration
18 Jan 2007
G070003-x0 LIGO & the Search for Gravitational Waves Lisa Goggin Document Migration
17 Jan 2007
G060616-x0 Status of the Search for Black Hole Ringdowns in LIGO S4 Data - GWDAW 11, Potsdam, Germany, December 18-21, 2006 Lisa Goggin Document Migration
10 Jan 2007
G040081-x0 40m Laboratory Upgrade Progress Report - LSC Meeting, March 15 - 18th, Livingston, LA Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
18 Mar 2004
T010064-x0 A Study of Gravitational Waves and The Response of Advanced LIGO as Top-Level Parameters Are Varied Lisa Goggin et al. Document Migration
05 Jun 2001
T000122-x0 Study of the Optical Parameters of the 40m LIGO Prototype Lisa Goggin et al. Document Migration
08 Nov 2000

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