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P1800255-v25 Low-Latency Gravitational Wave Alerts for Multi-Messenger Astronomy During the Second Advanced LIGO and Virgo Observing Run LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Detector Characterization
Data quality / vetoes
Compact Binaries
GW Bursts
Data analysis software
28 May 2019
G1900630-v3 Multimessenger astronomy with Advanced LIGO and Virgo Sarah Antier Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
07 Apr 2019
G1900443-v1 Update on low-latency public alerts in ER14/O3 Erik Katsavounidis et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Data Analysis
14 Mar 2019
G1900232-v1 Public Alerts in O3 Patrick Brady et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
External Collaboration
Data Analysis
13 Feb 2019
P1700309-v7 Estimating the Contribution of Dynamical Ejecta in the Kilonova Associated with GW170817 LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Compact Binaries
01 Dec 2017

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