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M1000372-v2 Members of the LIGO Lab Diversity Committee Fred Raab Diversity
16 Nov 2010
M1000373-v1 Recommended online job posting sites to increase diversity in applicant pools Fred Raab Diversity
16 Nov 2010
M1400285-v3 Anti-Harassment Guidelines of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Alicia M Sintes et al. Policies
27 Apr 2015
M1000377-v3 LIGO Laboratory Diversity Accomplishments and Goals Fred Raab Diversity
16 Nov 2011
M1300501-v2 Best Practices for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Neil Gehrels et al. Diversity
05 Dec 2013
M1300484-v1 LSC Diversity Statement Lynn Cominsky et al. Diversity
24 Oct 2013
M1000371-v1 Announcement of LIGO Lab Diversity Effort -- 11-Sep-2007 Jay Marx Policies
16 Nov 2010

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