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Advanced LIGO, SUS, Quad N-PType, Quad Dog Clamp

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25 Apr 2012, 14:53
Advanced LIGO, SUS, Quad N-PType, Quad Dog Clamp
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DWG states "300 Series SST"
email dated 10/27/09:
Yes, there are a couple of drawings that are called out as St.steel 300 series. As you know, when we handed the drawings over, they were only 90 % complete. When the requirement changed from 300 series, we changed this on as many drawings as we could, but there was always the possibility we may have missed some.

We did not worry about this too much, because we emphasized the spec of 304/316 in the documentation that we submit with each quote request. I have attached a copy of this documentation. (this copy if from the OJEU contract. A similar simplified spec is sent for non-OJEU parts)

I have since heard back from the company that made the dog clamps, to confirm that they were made from 304. I am awaiting feedback about the cans, but I see no reason to think that they would be manufactured from a different grade of stock than the all the other st.steel parts. I was more concerned about the dog clamps, as these were made by a different company.... I therefore feel pretty confident in saying we do not have any issue with the grades of the st.steel.

The drawings, as you say will need updating. Thanks for the feedback on this... these are the kinds of things that can get missed, and it's good to check that these changes have propagated throughout the system.


Joe O'Dell

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