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HAM Trim Mass, Large

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D - Drawings
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Trim mass, used to level Stage 1 of the HAM ISI. Hole pattern allows great flexibility in placement on Optical Table.

The file "D080001_HAM_Trim_Mass-Large-aligo.pdf" is the same part but with an ALIGO template and notes on the drawing.

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  • Redlined pdf (D080001-V2_TrimMassLg_Corrected.pdf, 207.0 kB)
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Redline file added. Noted weight is listed as lbs, measured these and it is Kg.

Release for Advanced LIGO procurement.

Changes from Enhanced LIGO version include:
1. Removed small fillets and replaced (some of) them with small chamfers.
2. Increased size of thru holes, to provide adequate screw clearance.

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