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LHO LABO FTIR Sample Record HR202

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FTIR report for HAM ISI Optical Table D071050 SN 004. PreBake Sampling taken ~2pm 30 March 2010.
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Note that this FTIR is a pre-bake sampling. See -v1 for sample record.

All of the surface area samples and hole samples in this test report (bake load) pass LIGO’s criteria; This load passes.

FTIR criteria are defined in section 5 of E0900480-v2, as follows:
NVR surface cleanliness, prior to an air bake, must be verified by an FTIR test to NVR Level A/20 (or 0.05 micrograms/cm2) per MIL-STD-1246C or IEST-STD-CC1246D. For threaded holes the maximum acceptable NVR level is 1 microgram/hole, prior to the air bake.

The most contaminated hole sample is 0.2 x 171.5/36 = 0.95 microgm/hole, which just barely passes. Note that the other sample of36 holes is 10 times less contaminated. The precision cleaning company should be told that they are only just barely passing our incoming inspection on some holes.

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held on 26 Mar 2010

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