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Advanced LIGO FTIR Sample Record

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04 Dec 2020, 10:53
22 Oct 2019, 10:49
Advanced LIGO FTIR Sample Record.
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FTIR form
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v5: several of the fillable boxes were auto sizing the font to unusable sizes, the name box was too small and the drop down menu would never display the selected PO#. I have fixed these issues and attached a corrected version to this email. (Adam Branch)

v4: Updated to add a PO section that should be completed by end user. You must select a PO# to indicate where to charge the testing. PO# S491485 is strictly A+ testing and S491488 is for all other (operations related) testing.

v3 Updated to indicate Caltech stop for off-site sampling for review of priority and need.

v2 In order to be able to compare FTIR results to the revised acceptance criteria in E0900480-v4, added the following note under the sample description: '(for holes indicate 'through' or 'blind')

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held on 26 Mar 2010

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