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aLIGO DARM Signal Chain (Calibration Subway Map)

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This is a schematic of the DARM signal chain, and all of the corresponding down stream products.


v21 1. Invert black text of “Rough mA/ct” block in sensing function (TIA GAIN, W GAIN, and ADC GAIN; and for W gain, invert background to black as well so text is legible.

v21 2. Try editing the definitions of GAIN_RATIO and OVERGAIN are drawn under / next to the definition of C to try to make it less confusing.

-v21 3. Consider how extend the diagram to include a two-arm DARM actuation scheme.

-v21 4. TYPO: The CAL-CS CFTD control path channel names are mislabeled as CTFD and not CFTD.

-v21 5. TYPO: In CAL-CS block, there are the control signals for the stages “CAL-DELTAL_CTRL_${STAGE}_DBL_DQ”. The TST stage block is mislabeled (the DBL is missing), unless that’s supposed to be the case, but it doesn’t seem so since the CFTD paths are also labeled with DBL.

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NIST Workshop 2019 held on 15 Mar 2019 in NIST Boulder Colorado USA

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