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[Thesis] Length Sensing and Control of an Advanced Prototype Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector

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There is a worldwide effort to directly detect gravitational radiation. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) operates three kilometer- scale interferometric gravitational wave detectors at two sites: two in Hanford, WA and one in Livingston, LA. A significant upgrade, called Advanced LIGO, is planned for these detectors. The core work of this thesis involves using a 40m prototype interferometer on the Caltech campus to study length and sensing and control techniques for Advanced LIGO. The principal results are the development of a lock acquisition protocol for an advanced detector and a comparison of noise couplings between two gravitational wave signal extraction techniques, called RF and DC readout.
In addition, a search in LIGO data was carried out for broadband, long- duration stochastic gravitational waves emitted from point sources. The results of this search are presented.
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Contains un-reviewed results in chapter 10, so for LVC viewing only.
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