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Results of an all-sky high-frequency Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO 5th Science Run

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We present results of a high-frequency all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars in LIGO's 5th Science Run (S5) data, using the computing power of the Einstein@Home volunteer computing project. This is the only dedicated continuous gravitational wave search that probes this high frequency range on S5 data. We find no significant candidate signal so we set 90%-confidence level upper-limits on continuous gravitational wave strain amplitudes. At the lower end of the search frequency range, around 1250 Hz, the most constraining 90%-confidence upper-limit is 5.0e-24, while at the higher end, around 1500 Hz, it is 6.0e-24. Based on these upper-limits, and assuming a fiducial value of the principal moment of inertia of 1.0e38 kg m2, we can exclude objects with ellipticities higher than roughly 2.8e-7 within 100 pc of Earth with rotation periods between 1.3 and 1.6 milliseconds.
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