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Prism removal from ITM09

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Heat was the best method for removing the sapphire prisms bonded with EP30-2 epoxy.
There appears to be no residual stress in either the clamshell or the former prism positions.
The silicate bonding zones remain within flatness specification.
There appears to be no damage due to use of the razor blade for glue removal.

The manufacturer recommended Methylene Chloride for removal. A microscope slide with EP30 soaked for days with no apparent softening of the EP30. The microscope slide was then soaked in acetone, the EP30 did soften, but did not completely dissolve. The EP30 was removed with a cotton Q-tip after the acetone soak.

There was not a follow on test to determine if the initial soak in Methylene Chloride was a necessary first step before acetone soak. Our other successes with acetone lead me to believe the Methylene Chloride was unnecessary. - G. Billingsley

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