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Testing Universal Relations under Non-Parametric Nuclear Equation of State

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Neutron stars have long been a point of interest in astronomy due their extreme qualities. Of these, the core of these super-dense star remains of especially large interest. Due to the extremely high densities that are present inside of these objects, the way matter moves and acts is unknown. At the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), this knowledge is very important as it would give data we collect on gravitational waves much more power in terms of deducing properties of the neutron stars that cause them. We hope to be able to, through the course of this project, see if possible relations between gravitational wave data we collect and neutron star properties can be found without necessarily knowing how matter acts in these super-dense states with what we call “Universal Relations”. We aim to test these relationships and see if they truly hold regardless of the Equation of State (EoS) that controls the relation between pressure and density in neutron stars rigorously so as to ascertain their validity and reliability. With this, we will better be able to measure neutron star properties. If these relations prove to be fruitful in their utility, and gain insight into possibly incorrect assumptions about how matter behaves in neutron stars if these relationships prove to be less coherent than previously thought.
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