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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
L1500110-v4 Data Quality Shift Policy Laura Nuttall et al. Detector Characterization
06 Jul 2016
C2300050-x0 Computing and Software Group Update Stefano Bagnasco et al. Computing/archiving
15 Mar 2023
P2000193-v2 Parameter estimation posterior samples for BILBY analysis of GWTC-1 Isobel Romero-Shaw et al. Data Analysis
29 May 2020
G1900728-v1 Introduction to GWpy Duncan Macleod Data analysis software
Education, Outreach
08 Apr 2019
T1900135-v1 Simulated data files for Open Data Workshop #2 Jonah Kanner et al. Data Analysis
28 Mar 2019
G1800651-v2 Introduction to GWpy Duncan Macleod Data analysis software
26 Mar 2018
G1800649-v5 LIGO strain data and data quality Jess McIver et al. Detector Characterization
Data Analysis
25 Mar 2018
P170608-v12 GW170608: Observation of a 19-Solar-mass Binary Black Hole Coalescence LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
30 Dec 2017
P1600285-v21 Validating gravitational-wave detections: The Advanced LIGO hardware injection system Christopher Biwer et al. Detector
20 Feb 2017
P1500238-v24 Characterization of transient noise in Advanced LIGO relevant to gravitational wave signal GW150914 LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Detector Characterization
06 Jun 2016
T1600030-v2 LIGO-P1500238 figure images and data LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Data quality / vetoes
Detector Characterization
11 Feb 2016
T1500197-v2 An External Trigger Alert System for the LIGO Control Rooms Andrew Williamson et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
23 Oct 2015
E1400428-v2 ECR for updating ODC EPICS outputs to uint32 Duncan Macleod et al. Data Acquisition System
Detector Characterization
16 Apr 2015
P1000142-v13 Characterization of the LIGO detectors during their sixth science run Duncan Macleod et al. Detector Characterization
03 Dec 2014
P1300190-v1 Improving the sensitivity of searches for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescences Duncan Macleod Data analysis software
Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Data quality / vetoes
Compact Binaries
Detector Characterization
21 Oct 2013

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