LIGO Document C1900175-v3

SOW for precision polish, End Test Masses

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C - Contractual or procurement
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This statement of work describes the polishing required to repolish four LIGO End Test Masses.

Invoking the following documents:
D1900269 Drawing
E1900199 Specification
D0902455-v3 Material Supplied
C080185-v2 Commercial Items or Services General Provisions
Q0900001-v5 Advanced LIGO Supplier Quality Requirements
E0900394-v6 aLIGO optic container shipping and storage procedure

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Added the option for two additional ETMs for repolish, material available mid-November. Changes are highlighted in the .pdf in yellow, and changes are tracked between -v2 and -v3 in the Word document, by a vertical bar in the left margin.
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