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Pcal transfer standard transimpedance amplifier circuit board

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This board has migrated from D1300210-v6. D1300210 is the original Pcal PD amplifier board used for all Pcal power sensors. It has both a differential and a single-ended output.
D1300210-v5 represents a major change applicable only to the Pcal transfer standards. The much simplified circuit uses only two op-amps and now incorporates an AD590 temperature sensor. It has only a single-ended output.
D1300210-v4 represented the most recent version of the original design at the time of splitting off the transfer standard board into this D2100733 drawing and filecard.
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This configuration results in 5 volts output per 1 watt laser power input into the integrating sphere at 1047 nm where the InGaAs responsivity is about 0.8 A/W and the integrating sphere plus detector spacer attenuation factor is 1/21,000.

For KAGRA, where ~1V/W is desired, the following changes are made:
C5-> 27 pf
R5-> 1 kohm
R6 -> 1 kohm

For Virgo, where ~3.25 V/W is desired, the following changes are made:
R1-> 7.5 kohm

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