LIGO Document E1300847-v7

aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for LBSC2

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E - Engineering documents
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20 Sep 2014, 16:01
This document details the Installation Acceptance of LBSC2.
Notes and Changes:
Changes from -v6:
- switched to installation acceptance form F1300019-v2 from -v1
- left form number in footer (so we know which form was completed)
- added a brief overall description
- added in initial installation and alignment procedures references by version number
- changed hyperlinked elog and DCC references so that the #s (but not URL) is visible
- removed qualifying note about "search by chamber" for G1001032 not working (not relevant; if still true might be a qualifier in the G1001032 metadata)
- noted apparent missing phase 2 BS SUS test data
- noted missing viewport phase 3 (in situ) leak test report
- noted missing BS Optical Lever test report
- added a complete list of integration issue and ECRs which are relevant to LBSC2

Systems Engineering (Dennis Coyne) has reviewed this Installation Acceptance Document and the associated report (E1300967-v1) and has determined that appropriate revisions have been made and that any remaining actions have been captured in the LLO Installation "Punch List" (E1400152). This installation acceptance document is approved (with the caveat that actions in the "punch list" be resolved).

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