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Flame welding tests for monolithic suspension of a 40-kg test mass (as backup for Advanced LIGO)

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The 40 kg mirrors of the Advanced LIGO interferometers will be suspended on four cylindrical silica fibres with diameter 400 mkm. The fibres will be pulled and welded to ears on the sides of the mirrors using a 10.6 mkm CO2 laser beam. Preliminary experiments have been conducted and these include fabrication, profiling, welding and breaking of silica fibres pulled and welded using a flame rather than a laser. The flame welding technique is not the main line of research required for Advanced LIGO. However, the technological process for a monolithic suspension is similar to a large extend. The comparison of both technique at each stage in the suspension process aids in our understanding of physical mechanisms that are applicable to the future laser suspension of test masses in Advanced LIGO. The main results are reported.
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