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Calibration Uncertainty for Advanced LIGO’s First and Second Observing Runs

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Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors is the characterization of the detectors’ response to gravitational waves. Gravitational waves incident on the detectors cause laser light to be phase-shifted out of the detector onto a photodetector. Understanding this detector response to gravitational waves is crucial to accurately and precisely produce gravitational wave strain data. Estimates of binary black hole parameters and tests of general relativity require accurate and precise calibrated data, as miscalibrations will lead to biased results. We describe the method of producing calibration uncertainty estimates for both LIGO detectors in the first and second observation runs.
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Cahillane, Craig, et al. "Calibration uncertainty for Advanced LIGO’s first and second observing runs." Physical Review D 96.10 (2017): 102001.
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Published in Phys Rev D vol. 96 pg. 102001.
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